Nationals, Day Zero: Fort Collins, CO

No time for a real update, so look at photos instead! We pre-rode and drove the road course, and then I took a three-hour detour to drive up Trail Ridge Road.

Race Report: EASTERNS

This was a good weekend for MIT; although we didn't win the weekend, we did win the overall ECCC title, meaning that we are the number one cycling team in the Northeast! It was a less fantastic weekend for me, personally.

For starters, I was not feeling well going into this weekend. Be it allergies, a cold, or some form of H1N1, my lungs were full of mucus and I was feeling ache-y. Secondly, I was exhausted after driving all the way from MIT to State College; driving for eight hours was probably not the best idea. Finally, this was my second consecutive week of not riding enough. I think the mortgage folks have a good word for my performance this weekend: subprime.

The team trial, typically my strength, did not go well this weekend. The foggy, humid weather caused my visor to fog completely, leading to a bad turnaround and inability to see on the course. Communication and equipment issues made our run less smooth than I would have liked. We finished fourth.

The road race was easily the most difficult ride I've ever done, race or not. Every 21-mile lap featured 2,500 feet of climbing. I was able to hang with the pack for the first lap, but come lap two, I bonked. My heart rate and power numbers were telling me that I was not working hard, but I felt terrible! I was pulled after the third lap, not finishing the last lap of the race, and not placing in the points. We don't have hills like that Black Moshannon in Massacusetts. No fair.

Sunday's criterium was my redemption. It was fast from the gun. I raced strong, staying with the lead group and riding most of the pack off our wheel. Just as I was lining up for my end of race tactical move, bad luck struck. I got a flat, which caused me to take a spill on the last corner with two laps to go. The race was over. I finished in the points, but this result was a huge disappointment.

Hopefully, Nationals will be better for me!