Learning to Fly (shameless self promotion)


I'm taking a break from bicycle racing for a while. The reasons are numerous, and include burnout and a perceived lack of progress. I've already come so far (upgraded to Cat 2, cycled across the US twice, cycled from NYC to Boston in a day, won a stage race, been part of a national championship winning team) and am happy with what I've achieved. Somehow, though, upgrading to Cat 1 isn't as exciting, and I have no interests in becoming a professional.

At some point riding became stressful and stopped being fun. That's when I knew I needed to stop for a while.

In any event, with a change of focus and a new-found abundance of free time, I've decided to pursue another lifelong dream: learning to fly. Head to my new personal site, http://coronthica.com/flight, for news to that end.

Wish me luck!


[JEP Coaching Scholarship] Report for Week 16 (ending 2012-03-25)

I've decided to resign the JEP Coaching Scholarship.

Due to a number of other factors in my life, I am unable to commit the amount of time and energy required to be competitive at a Pro/1/2 level.

I'd like to thank AltoVelo and the Peckham family for their support and encouragement, and Dan Smith for providing coaching services. I apologize to anyone who depended on these scholarship reports in any way.