The Bike and Build Network

I just came back from dinner and drinks with a few Bike and Build friends, some of whom will be on my trip this summer, others of whom are current or past riders on previous trips.

Having a network is crucial for doing well on this trip, or any similar trip. Wherever you are, there is likely to be someone who is doing, or has done, Bike and Build or a similar trip. Just casual conversation with them can bring forward some issues, calm some concerns, and reassure you that doing the trip is quite possible. That, and there are a lot of interesting people who do things like bicycling across the United States, and are just fun people to know.

To everyone who came tonight: thank you. To everyone who didn't: we missed you.

Please let me know if you'd like help finding B&B alums in your area, or if you have any proposals for future log entries.