CRASH-Bs. The Charles River All Star Has-Beens. Effectively, the world championships of indoor rowing. This happened today, in Boston University's Agganis Arena, Boston, MA.

I am no longer rowing myself, but Jane is, so I went along to encourage her. Encourage I did: Jane rowed 2,000m in 7 minutes and 10.5 seconds, earning herself a personal record finish, 22nd place out of 223 open women, and free ice cream, courtesy of me.

Jack Daniels quantifies two major axes that are the basics of athletic performance: ability, and desire. From here, he defines four athlete types: Type 1 (ability and desire), Type 2 (ability but no desire), Type 3 (no ability but strong desire) and Type 4 (no ability, no desire). I'm not sure where I was with rowing, but Jane definitely seems to be a Type 1. Excellent work, dear!

I hope to do well in bicycle races, starting next weekend. I need to really set out my goals: training for short-distance bicycle races and long-distance painfest rides like the Intercity are competing goals.