Into the Wild Blue Yonder

I am sitting at my desk, researching potential places to house a group of 30 cyclists for an evening in August. As Bike and Build makes its way across Death Valley and the Mojave Desert, we will rely on our hosts to give us a place to sleep, and if we are truly lucky, a meal and a shower.

The miracle that is Google allows me to find, say, all of the churches in Palmdale, CA with relative ease. Just ten years ago, I would have needed to spend a long afternoon at the New York Public Library, perusing the yellow pages (remember those?).

I have spent many hours compiling a mailing for potential hosts, consisting of a DVD, a letter about our trip, an itinerary, and a map, as well as a confirmation form. I went the extra mile, and found a color printer to print all of these documents. I think it presents Bike and Build in a very professional light.

I can only guess if the eventual recipients of my letters will look favorably at my staggering request: accommodations for 30. As the letters fly off into the wild blue yonder, I can only hope to chase them, slowly and steadily, on my bicycle.