In talking with various people about this coming Bike and Build trip, and looking over my notes from P2S '06, it seems like there are two clear trends with the riders on these sorts of trips.

One, most of the people on these trips are really new to cycling, and know very little about it.

Two, the level of enthusiasm and drive toward training, building, and fundraising follows a pretty clear well curve.

As a trip leader, what am I to do? I want to break the Gaussian distribution. I want everyone to be all the way on the right. I want an awesome trip, with people who do what needs to be done without being told. Wouldn't that be fun. :-)

Right now, I'm struggling to figure out how best to convey to people that there are some very serious deadlines approaching. The gear orders are coming up soon, and I've received no responses. The April 11 fundraising milestone is coming up, and I have people who have raised a grand total of $0. It's getting warmer out, so I need to figure out how to motivate people to start riding their bicycles.

Guys, help me out here! I can only do so much. I've been in touch with many of my riders, and this is an ongoing process. I can't help you if you can't help yourself.