Race Checklist

Tomorrow is my first race of the season, my first bicycle race in 2 years and my first USCF race in 4 years.

[X] Bicycle, in good repair, with tires inflated and all systems checked.
[X] Un-needed or un-allowed items removed from bicycle.
[X] Purchase clothing for cold-weather racing.
[X] Clothes set aside next to bicycle.
[X] Change of clothes in backpack next to bicycle.
[X] Alarm clock set to 0430 for 0500 departure to Central Park.
[X] Feeding and hydrating.

Honestly, I just want to finish and not crash. I haven't raced in a while. I'm a Cat 4, and I used to be able to finish with the pack, and even place sometimes, but I've never won a road race.

I'm not nearly as excited as I should be. I'm not full of energy. I'm somewhere between nervous that I'll crash out, and loathing how cold it's going to be outside at 5am.

At 178 lbs, I'm rather heavier than I'd like to be. I'm not sure that my training has been ample - only 100 or so hours since November 1st.

I just hope I can fall asleep really early.