Welcome Aboard

"Welcome to the Intercity system.

"This is Intercity One, Run Seven, en route to Boston, Massachussetts. Scheduled travel time to Boston is approximately eighteen hours.

"We will be stopping at New Rochelle, New Haven, Middletown, Willimantic, Wilbur, Wellesley, and Boston.

"Our route will follow First Avenue and Beacon Street, as well as routes US-1, 17, 66, US-6, 198, 197, 12, and 16. Please contact trip staff for more detailed directions.

"Please remember to use lighting between dusk and dawn. In consideration of your fellow riders, please set your lights to steady until 30 minutes after sunrise.

"It is now 4:15am. Welcome aboard, and have a safe and pleasant journey."

You will hear this message in person at the right time on Memorial Day Weekend if you are on the trip. The prerequisites are a 140 mile ride sometime between April 15, 2008 and May 15, 2008, as well as clearance from me. You know who you are.