Fundraising at St. Andrew's

I left yesterday's leader retreat early to perform fundraising at St. Andrew's, the church that I have attended on and off since roughly 1990.

The last time that I was at St. Andrew's was in May of 2006, when I gave a short presentation after every mass regarding my trip. I remember being much less comfortable presenting in front of a large audience, as my mother clearly noted.

This time, I went back with better preparation. I wore my Bike and Build t-shirt, had a pre-prepared speech, and put together a posterboard presentation with some pictures from my last trip.

Doing a presentation at a church is an excellent fundraising idea. Everyone at the church thought that Bike and Build and its mission were noble and worthy. I got exceedingly high praise and feedback for doing the trip, and ran out of brochures by the time the last mass was over.

I'd like to thank everyone at St. Andrew's for contributing over $1,000 to Bike and Build, and for being so welcoming of me and my cause.