Aero or Power: Why Always The Choosing?

So, it looks like my "secret admirer" is nothing more than a sham. For shame.

I had a thought today: I really would have liked power telemetry from my Bear Mountain race this weekend (race report forthcoming). I didn't ride the PowerTap because it's mounted to an unimpressive rim, and this race was all about being aero. So I ask: why not rebuild my PowerTap into a Zipp rim?

This is the current project. I'd like to rebuild the PowerTap SL 2.4 into a Zipp 520 rim, the same rim as is used in the Zipp 808 wheelset. Since a PT is so damn heavy anyway, I don't mind making the wheel just a little heavier to gain more aero benefits. By going with the 80mm section, I'll have a fast wheel suitable for all but the steepest road races, and most any time trial or triathlon I attack. By going clincher, I'm able to keep this a training wheel, run heavy tires like the Continental GatorSkins on the rollers, and take the wheel on long rides where flats are the rule.

We'll see if this project comes to fruition. I may very well sell my FP60 rear wheel, as it would be made defunct by this upgrade.