Disc Wheel!

I just purchased my first disc wheel. It's a HED lenticular disc, tubular, and it's well used. I found it for a grand total of $200 on Craigslist. I probably could have haggled down some 10%, but the poor guy was selling the wheel to pay off his taxes (or so he claimed), so I didn't argue the price.

So, what's the catch in a $200 disc wheel? Well, it has a couple of gouges and plenty of dents and scratches. The (tubular!) tire, though intact, may need to be re-glued. But, hey, it works, and seems raceable. I just took it for a test ride, and it seems happy. You can't beat the price!

The cassette freehub mechanism is designed for Shimano 8- and 9-speed cassettes, so I'll need to file the base of the freehub just a bit (about 0.5 mm) to get my 10 speed cassette on there happily. I knew that spare 11-25 cassette would come in handy!

I didn't want to ride to Astoria to collect the wheel on my day of, since it's a pain to carry and I need my recovery, but I wish I had. There was the usual NYC Transit idiocy in Midtown, so the N train was not running through the tunnel to Queens. This complicated matters, and made what should have been a 90 minute errand into a 4 hour ordeal.

Off to sleep! I need to be well rested to play with my new toy tomorrow morning!