Semper Conspirus

"Coronthica Cyclery" is the name of the bicycle shop that has lived in my bedroom or apartment since I was sixteen or so, and I started doing my own high-level bicycle work due to a limited budget. The logo is a track sprinter, with two disc wheels, chasing a bird, the "pace vehicle".

The Coronthica Cyclery motto of semper conspirus was contrived by myself and Mike Short in the summer of 2005, on a ride from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA. Semper conspirus is pretend-Latin for "always conspiring", and I think this describes bicycling very well.

In a sense, road racing, training, and riding in general requires one to always be conspiring. I know I spend a huge amount of my time riding, thinking about riding, thinking about things I can tweak or buy to go faster, and thinking about my overall training plan. I've set up RSS feeds for interesting potential purchases on eBay and Craigslist, so I can get to things faster. I've read a whole bunch about riding. I keep ride logs. I eat properly. I have a long term plan.

Conspiring is all about working with friends, and with teammates. It's also about working alone, and always keeping a level head about things, before, during, and after races. It's about planning, patience, and being crafty. The next time that you see me on the road, riding, realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of hours have been devoted to tweaking, fiddling, analyzing, thinking, and optimizing to get me where I am, and that the process never stops.

This blog is one of the many things that helps me conspire.