Day Eight: Poughkeepsie Express

It took me longer than usual to pack this morning, having lost my Camelbak. I called Ordinary Cycles later in the afternoon, and found that I left the Camelbak there. Overnight mail will bring it to Poughkeepsie tomorrow.

I left with Dave, Lenny, and Jane. I used my GPS to help win the state line sprint at the New York state line, attacking from the back with about 300 meters to go. After a few photo ops, Dave and I continued onward. We rode down a 15% descent on a dirt road. After that, I decided to route us around the next gravel road we encountered. This added a little bit of mileage to our journey.

Upon arriving at Hudson, NY at mile 35, Dave and I decided that we were better off grabbing a flying lunch down the road, than stopping and waiting for the trailer. We took off, down a pretty congested Route 9G, working together and holding about 24 MPH on the flats. We arrived at our host location around 2:15pm, well before the van or the next group. We managed to avoid the rain that made the day so difficult for those who arrived after us.

My mother came to visit our group today. She took the train from Brooklyn, just to spend a few hours with the group. We talked some, and socialized with the rest of the riders. She said a few kind words to the group just after dinner, which people received well after the hard day of riding.