Day Fifteen: Next Stop, Pittsburgh

We woke up at 0600 today, affording more precious sleep. The leaders made a deal with the riders this morning: if you pre-pack the night before, and are able to be on the road by 0730, we'll let you sleep in. The riders obliged, and with the help of a fantastic brakfast courtesy of the YWCA, we were able to pack, dress, eat, and have a motivating meeting very quickly.

As I was rolling out this morning, I had the idea of doing a nonstop ride to Pittsburgh. I left town with a long train of people, but as the group slowed on the first climb of the day, I didn't slow. As I blasted off the front, Lindsay called out, "I guess we'll see you in Pittsburgh." She was correct.

I had one of the best rides I've had in a while. With my GPS, I was able to not get lost, and chalk tricky turns for other riders. With the exception of a couple of traffic lights, chalking, some route calls to the van driver, and a flat tire at mile 65, I had a nonstop ride. I was able to manage my fueling and hydration almost perfectly. I didn't have to pee, but I wasn't dehydrated. I got into town at 1240.

The group was excited for dinner, and the day off. I'm ready for bed.