Day Ten: The Slow Road to Port Jervis

Sweep is a necessary evil, and once again, I found myself trudging along at 12 MPH, helping riders who needed our help. Ideally, we'd be this one fast, injury-free group that rode along a perfect, straight, car-free road with no confusing intersections.

The sun came out several times today. I got to ride with Jane for a while on some nice, empty roads. I didn't get any flats, and my bicycle is performing like a champion.ething new every day.

I've put on 12 lbs, according to the scale in the dining room at the Drew United Methodist Church here in Port Jervis, NY. I'm not riding as hard as I usually do, nor am I eating well.

I need more sleep. I'm going to try to go to bed earlier, and push back on my repair load.