Intercity Run Seven: Saturday, June 7, 2008

Intercity Run 7 is scheduled for tomorrow morning. A few notes:

* The basic route is unchanged. We take these roads in the following order: First Ave, US 1, CT 17, CT 66, US 6, CT 198, CT 197, MA 16.
* We follow a new route through The Bronx. From Willis Avenue (1st Ave bridge), take a RIGHT on E 148 St, a LEFT on St Anne Ave, a SLIGHT RIGHT onto Boston Road, a SLIGHT RIGHT onto East Tremont Ave, a SLIGHT LEFT onto Silver St, STRAIGHT onto Eastchester Road, and finally a RIGHT onto Boston Road/US-1.
* We follow a new route through Bridgeport. From US 1, continue STRAIGHT onto Post Rd, STRAIGHT onto Fairfield Ave, SLIGHT RIGHT onto State St, LEFT onto Main St, RIGHT onto Stratford Ave (be careful to stay on Stratford Ave), and STRAIGHT onto Ferry Rd which becomes US-1.
* We follow a new route through New Haven. From US-1/Columbus Ave, turn LEFT onto Church St, RIGHT onto Elm St / Grand Ave, LEFT onto Quinnipac Ave, and STRAIGHT onto CT-17.
* Since our endpoint of Mike's place is near Harvard Square, we will forego Beacon St and follow MA-16 into Harvard Square.

Weather is a serious concern on this run. Temperatures will be at record levels, climbing into the 90s with high humidity through the afternoon and early evening hours, in the middle of some of our most difficult climbing without tree cover. To this end, we are taking the following measures to battle the weather:

* We will leave as early as is reasonable, and perhaps slightly earlier, to beat the worst of the heat.
* We will have Gatorade in addition to Perpetuem, for electrolytes and easy sugars.
* Between the two of us, we will have eight bottles of water, Perpetuem, and Gatorade, and I'll have a three liter Camelbak of water.
* We will begin hydrating early (now, really), and continue to hydrate through the ride.
* We will top off all bottles whenever possible.
* We will bring and use ample sunscreen.
* We will take rest stops as necessary in consideration of the weather.

Mike and Jane will have up to date position information, in case you need it for some reason.