The Joy of Really Fast Cycling

So, in counterpoint to my previous grumblings about going slow, I have to mention that going fast is really, really fun.

On the same ride this weekend, I took my TT bike out for a spin. My road bike was in New York, but my TT bike was in Boston following my move. If you'll recall, my TT bike is a Fuji Aloha CF2, which only differs from the CF1 in that it doesn't have carbon fiber handlebars.

Most of my riding on the Aloha to date has been long, steady rides in Prospect Park. I equip the bike with my HED disc rear wheel and my FP60 front wheel, don my pointy TT helmet, and blast around the park at 25 MPH for an hour. When I do this, I don't push the bike to anything close to its limits.

On the way back from my ride in Boston on Sunday, I was feeling energetic and I had a tailwind. I decided to motor out of traffic lights, flexing the handlebars - but not the frame! - in the process. I was blasting along at 33 MPH, passing cars, and just having a lot of fun.

I think that Fuji bikes in general are underappreciated. My Track Pro is a dutiful city bike, and my Aloha CF2 is super stiff, light, and as aerodynamic as a Cervelo P2C. I'm just sad that I can't ride it this summer.