Day Forty-Nine: Van to Springerville, AZ

I drove the van today.  One of the other leaders (really not sure who) managed to bend the jack on our trailer, so I was able to purchase and install a new one. We stopped to take photographs at the Arizona state line.

Our host this evening was the Round Valley High School in the town neighboring Springerville. The high school has a large dome for their football team, with a million-dollar artificial turf field inside. We stayed in the dome, which was really great. People were running around all over the field playing games. I did an excellent job backing the trailer into a tight parking spot.

The logistics with laundry, dinner, and a town hall meeting were a real disappointment, with much confusion and some people waiting two and a half hours to eat. Unacceptable. We need to do a better job planning and executing these events for the rest of the trip.