Day Twenty-Eight: Camping in Potosi

We woke up at 0430 this morning, in an effort to beat the heat and humidity. It only worked in part: it was still very humid when we rolled out at 0600, and warm, but not hot. We'll be better off in the dryer part of the country, but here on the flood plain, we're still seeing rain almost every day.

I rode well for the first half of the day, chalking turns as I went along. Unfortunately, I ran out of chalk, and ended up waiting 90 minutes for the trailer at lunch. I waited for Jane, had pancakes for breakfast before the trailer arrived, and rolled out two full hours after I stopped.

Knowing that the trailer was hours away and that I had nothing waiting at the host site, I visited the Potosi library, checked e-mail and weather, and took care of a few errands. A rider got hit by a car in the town, sending her to the hospital for six stitches on her knee.

We stayed just outside of a Boy Scouts of America camp 9 miles west of Potosi. At the camp site, we advised people to take down the tents, as there was a huge thunderstorm headed for Potosi. People grumbled, but when the storm finally did hit at 0230, they were glad. We were able to sleep inside an unfinished building, which provided a roof over our heads.