Day Fifty-Five: Plateau Point on the Bright Angel Trail

True to form, Jane and I woke at 0430 and left for our hike. Armed with a 3 liter Camelbak, sunscreen, four Clif bars, Clif Shot Blocks, and three sandwiches – each, we got on the shuttle bus, had a quick breakfast, and started the hike.

To make a long story short, Jane and I hiked the 12.2 mile trail, with 3,100 feet of descent and climbing, in 6h23m. The park recommends allocating 8-12 hours for the trip. It helps that the weather was ideal, that we were used to long efforts at altitude in the heat, and that she was so motivated to do this hike. We made up the most time climbing fast, as we do. No words that I can write can do justice to the beauty of what we saw, so I’ll work on posting some of our photographs in the near future.

We spent the evening attempting to re-hydrate and re-fuel from our effort.

I can’t believe that we’ll be in Las Vegas in just three days.