Boston to Provincetown

This weekend, I cycled to Cape Cod with two of my favorite people: Jane, and Mike Short. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to enjoy 135 miles of flat, calm riding, much of it with a tailwind. We didn't even get a flat tire, or break any equipment!

We are all riders of different strength levels, so I made some hardware changes to help us all happily go about the same speed. I lent Mike a pair of Zipp 808 clincher wheels; a cassette change was all that was necessary. Jane borrowed a pair of 85mm deep carbon clincher wheels that I own. They're unbranded OEM wheels made by Gigantex, so I was able to get them at a deep discount. I rode my cyclocross/commuter bike - complete with fenders! - to provide a little more comfort and to help keep me from soloing away. I still had enough extra power to push Jane and Mike up the hills. It's amazing what a difference a little push makes! Jane and Mike are both champs for making it to the very end.

With Mike's wedding two weeks away, I thought it might be fun to wear matching bicycle jerseys that look like tuxedos. We did, and the silly jerseys brought smiles to people's faces. Of course, as it turns out, Provincetown is an incredibly liberal and homosexual-friendly town, so more than a few people simply assumed that Mike and I were getting married, and that Jane was the "best man". Hilarity ensued.

More photos and a video are available at http://picasaweb.google.com/jsoltren/CapeCodTrip#. Furthermore, the ride data is available through Garmin Connect at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/9314004. The ferry ride back is at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/9313586. (I'm going to begin experimenting with Garmin Connect as a way of storing rides.)

We took a fast ferry back from Provincetown, and I mean fast! My GPS reported that we were sustaining 38 MPH for most of the way back.