No New Bike Until The Room Is Clean

The bike room is the pride of my apartment. It's an entire bedroom dedicated to bike repair. Unlike a garage, it's not cold, filthy, or detached from the rest of the living space. Instead, it had good lighting and is user friendly - when it's clean. For the past month or two, various projects resulted in the room being a complete and total mess. After about 15 man hours of work (Jane helped), I finally mounted the pegboard to the wall and sorted the tools. Not losing tools and having working space is a huge win. Have a look.

The real motivating reason for the clean was to help my old friend Arcady assemble his new bike. After reviewing his options, he ordered a Motobecane Fantom Cross Pro from bikesdirect.com. I think a cyclocross bike is a great do it all bike. It can handle commuting, touring, trail rides, and shopping trips nicely, as well as cyclocross and entry-level road racing. The bike has a titanium frame and new Ultegra 6700 components. It replaces a Bianchi Volpe that he has owned since around late 2001. I hope the new bike suits his needs. The build work was quick and painless with the new tool setup.

I still have plenty more bike work scheduled in the coming weeks. The used Nokon cables will get a second chance on the TT bike. I'm also experimenting with cranks on the TT bike, and tweaking my fit with a Look ErgoStem. (More on that later.) Plus, Jane's track bike will get new cranks in the near future to promote racing.

As luck would have it - and this is big news - my new Specialized SL3 module arrived on Friday! After finishing with Arcady's bike, I used a combination of Caltrain and Zipcar to collect it from my teammate's house. It is at least ten hours away from a raceable state, but I just could not resist posting a first photo here. The entire module consists of a frame, fork, headset, seatpost, and BB30 crankset with chainrings. Uncut and out of the box, the module weighs 2.24 kg.

I will take incredibly detailed photos along the build process and weigh everything to the gram. Stay tuned.