San Dimas Stage Race: Criterium (Stage 3)

The crit went better than I had hoped. After yesterday's stages, I was 12th in the GC. My goal for today was to contend as many time bonus sprints as I could. These were at 20 and 40 minutes into the 55 minute race. I felt strong early in the race, so I managed to solo off and get a 10 second time bonus! A break stuck for the second time bonus, so I was only able to manage third. By the time the finish rolled around, I was exhausted and in a poor position, so I finished with the pack.

My efforts were not for naught. The 13 additional seconds managed to put me 9th overall, netting me 7 more lucrative Cat 1 upgrade points. Furthermore, I got enough points to win the green sprinter's jersey! Very cool.