San Dimas HCTT: Disappointing

I made it up Glendora Mountain Road yesterday in 15:16.22, slotting me
into 31st place in the GC. It's not a terrible time per se, and if I
throw in some excuses (i.e. "I've been sick", "I've been stressed at
work", "the weather has been cold and miserable", "conditions were cold
and windy for SoCal", "TT helmet is 200g heavier", etc.) it seems better.

Still, the simple facts are:
- my time last year was 10 seconds faster.
- I was 5 pounds lighter when I did this race last year
- my average power, 394W, was 25W lower than my Old La Honda record two
months ago
- I was 7 pounds lighter when I went up Old La Honda
- I was hoping for a time that was 30 seconds faster, which seemed
perfectly reasonable given my OLH performance
- the field this year is stronger, due to greater interest from the
NorCal peloton

So, unless I get into a break that puts a minute into the field, I'm not
a GC contender. Guess I just need to win the road race...

The organizers are being amazing about results. Check them out here: