[JEP Coaching Scholarship] Report for Week 13 (ending 2012-03-11)

Weekly Overview:

This was a busy week at work. It was difficult to find the time to complete all prescribed workouts this week, and nearly impossible to find time to stretch. Cold mornings continue to be a challenge for training. Getting enough sleep is at least as important as training correctly.

03-05 Monday
Prescribed: 1h ride featuring Tabatas on bike: 3 x (8 x(20s on 10s off), 5min rest). 30min stretching session post ride.
Actual: Did Tabatas in AM on rollers. Felt absolutely awful but the power was quite good. Did 30min of stretching afterward.

03-06 Tuesday
Prescribed: 1h "strength maintenance" session. 1h Z3 trainer session: 4 x (3x(2.5min on 0.5min off), 2min rest).
Actual: Did 1h strength maintenance session: lunges, step ups, kettle bell swings, Turkish getups. Felt really, really sore after these. No time or energy for intervals, so punted these to next day.

03-07 Wednesday
Prescribed: 1h30m easy Z2 ride, 30min stretching session.
Actual: 1h Z3 effort on rollers, plus a post-rollers spin. No time for stretching.

03-08 Thursday
Prescribed: 1h "strength maintenance", plus Z4 efforts: similar to Tuesday, but Z4 instead of Z3.
Actual: Went too hard on Tuesday, so punted strengh maintenance. Did Z4 efforts. Felt really tired, though power was good.

03-09 Friday
Prescribed: Super easy Z1-Z2 recovery ride for 1h30m, plus 30min stretching session.
Actual: Did an easy Z1-2 spin during the nicest part of the day, nice relaxing ride. No time, again, for stretching.

03-10 Saturday
Prescribed: Spectrum ride (sit in) plus Tabatas post ride: 2 x (8 x(20s on 10s off), 5min rest). 30min stretching session post ride.
Actual: As prescribed. Most of the fast guys were out racing so the Spectrum ride was more mellow than usual. I even won the Portola fire station sprint.

03-11 Sunday
Prescribed: Day off.
Actual: As prescribed.

Weekly summary:
Time: 10 h 01 min
Distance: 157 miles
TSS: 897

(Distance and TSS only incorporate rides for which I have power data.)

I've copied this report to my blog at http://bikefleet.blogspot.com/, where you can also find past updates, race reports, and more!

Thanks for reading.