I've started, or rather am continuing, the long process of contacting hosts for our journey this summer. It's a long, but very rewarding, process, and for me, a much appreciated opportunity to talk to new people who live in a different place.

When a Bike and Build trip visits a town, we ask for a lot of things. I feel guilty sometimes, asking for as much as we do, but it seems like churches, YMCAs, and towns all over the country are more than willing to open their towns, halls, and hearts for our trip.

In short, we're looking for:
* a place to park the van and trailer
* showers
* dinner
* a willing audience for a presentation
* media coverage
* bicycle shops
* a place to sleep!
* breakfast
* a warm send-off

In exchange, I'd like to remind everyone out there that the Bike and Build crew is a GUEST in almost any town in the country, and as such, we should act accordingly. Never forget the hard work and philanthropy that goes into making these rides possible!