Road Trip!

I'll be heading down to North Carolina in just a few hours. I'll be staying in Asheville, NC, and riding up and down the Blue Ridge Trail and neighboring mountains.

I'm still amazed by how cheap all of this is going to be. I'll be sharing a car with another person (Dave Miller), so we'll split the price of gas. Dave has a little Porsche, titled the Clown Car, that holds two bikes overhead in a Thule rack. It takes premium gas. For the 700 mile haul from Brooklyn to Asheville, with a gas efficiency of about 20 MPG and a fuel price of $3.25 per gallon, split between the two of us, we're looking at a fuel cost of about $115 per person. This is pretty good for a round trip, certainly cheaper than any commercial flight or bus service.
With a $100 food budget, a donation to the people who are being incredibly generous by lending us their house, and the inevitable small bike parts, I'm looking at spending $250 for the entire week.

The last time I took a road trip was when I helped drive the Bike and Build van back from Seattle, WA to New York City, via Colorado.