Road Trip...

There is, of course, a major tradeoff to a road trip. A road trip is cheap if your time is free. Fortunately, since I'm on vacation this week, my time suddenly became much less expensive.
I'm amazed by how cheap some parts of the country still are. In Carlisle, PA, we were able to get brunch for four people for less than $25, including a generous tip. Living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan, my ideas of prices are really inflated. There are still parts of the country where $20 will last you a while!

The road trip was my first time behind the wheel of a motorcar for quite some time. I learned to drive primarily to operate the famous Bike and Build van, with its trailer. I've spent so much time driving vans and trucks, that driving a car always seems strange.

Dave and I joked that, if I had a Specialized Transition on top of the car, our gas efficiency would have improved by 500% percent, and that if it had a Zipp disc, we could have just used the crosswind to push us to North Carolina.