Assume the Position!

When I refer to the position in the title, I refer of course to the aero position, elbows on the pads, rocketing along. Shame on you if you thought otherwise.

I took the full TT getup to Prospect Park this morning for a test ride. I wore tights, of course, and the aero helmet. I wasn't pushing as hard as I could, but I did manage to average 22.0 MPH for an hour (7 laps), blazing by a group ride going about 18 MPH. My climbing performance was disappointing, but I was going 38 MPH down the hill.

I still feel like I'm in such bad shape. I've ridden 2250 miles so far this year, which sounds like a lot, but really isn't that much compared to what serious racers are putting in. I'm gaining weight, too. Strength to weight! Strength to weight! Now that the weather is warm, I'll resume my Saturday regimen of riding a century.

Hooray for expensive toys!