Time Juggling

So, how do I manage to be a Bike & Build trip leader, work a full-time job and then some on Wall Street, be an active racing bicyclist who trains hard daily, and make time to see my beautiful girlfriend at MIT, while de-stressing and relaxing? I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't.

I've been slipping lately, and it's horrible. Here are the ways:

Bike & Build - we still don't have a place to stay in Pittsburgh or Columbus. It's frustrating, and I've called about 6-8 places in each town. I haven't had any time during work to make these calls.
Work - I'm fairly certain that my managers and co-workers are disappointed at the number of hours or amount of effort I've put into project work. Almost everyone there gets their work done faster than I do.
Bicycling - I'm squeezing in one hour a day, where I should be riding for at least two. I'm also putting on weight: from a low of 170 lbs, I'm now at 182 lbs. Geez. I also haven't been doing well in races, and haven't been to any in a few weeks now.
Seeing Jane - She's as busy as I am. We're lucky now if we get to see each other once every three weeks.
De-stressing - I wish.

To everyone who is disappointed with me for not meeting deadlines: I'm trying, but not hard enough. Geez.