I took today off, since I needed some time in the morning for a fairly important errand. You see, as part of my fundraising campaign, I've put together a small (20"x30") poster about Bike and Build. I'm planning on bringing it with me whenever I do major public fundraising, i.e. giving a talk at churches, and setting up my repair stand in Prospect Park and changing tires for donations.

It was interesting to look through all of the photos of my previous, 2006 Bike & Build trip. Immediately after the trip, I could have recognized everyone in every photo, since I knew what everyone's butts, backpacks, bikes, and legs looked like. Now, I have trouble telling who is who in some of the pictures. How things change.

Yesterday's intervals workout was awesome:
20min hard warmup
20min of 1min at full power, 1min hard recovery power
20min spin

It's really hard to motivate myself to get though those hard workouts. By the third interval, I wanted to stop, but I knew what I had to do. I managed to get the ol' heart rate up to 187 BPM, not the 195 that I'd like to see, but not too bad for early April.

Back when I was younger and more adamant about riding my bicycle, well, everywhere, I got quite good at sprinting. I made a point of always blasting out of stop signs and traffic lights at full power. I would often pedal hard enough to make the bike do a little wheelie when I started moving - in a 48-16. Now that I don't ride my bike in traffic as much, this wonderful skill is gone. I'll have to work to get it back.