It was 65F today! Sure, it was grey and humid, but still - 65F! A welcome reminder of what non-awful weather is like. It makes me look forward to the big rides this year: the Bear Mountain race, Intercity, and Bike & Build.

Every day, I get one step closer to completing the logistics for our little cross-country jaunt. I'm talking with hosts, riders, and leaders every day. I'm arguing for our cause, spreading word, and asking people nicely to make us part of their community for an evening. So far, everything is going well, just slowly. Patience.

Today was April Fool's day. I'll tell you what the joke was today: NYC subway service. The joke was on me. There were delays, missed trains, and packed cars everywhere. It's usually pretty bad, but today was even worse.

To B&B riders: have you read your rider manual lately? If not, make sure you flip through it soon! I've done this before, and I still refer to it every now and then and find new things. You're responsible for everything in there, so go take a look!