Goals For The Summer

This week, I made a point of calling all of my Bike & Build riders, and just talking to them about how their preparations for the trip were going. I talked about the usual drudgery of fundraising, training, gear ordering, sweat equity, and pre-trip research. I was pretty happy with everyone's status all around, and won't give anyone a hard time about any of this in the future. Everyone is up to par - that's excellent!

Talking with Jane on Monday gave me the idea of asking people what their goals were for the summer. With a trip like this, I think it is a major win to have a set of realistic and reach goals for yourself to achieve. This gives you something to work toward, and gives you the sense of having there be something greater than the day to day life of the trip, if only for yourself. Goals make you proud in the end, and can help you through some of the toughest times on the trip.

I've done a fair amount of thinking, and have compiled this set of personal goals for this summer's trip. This is in no particular order.

1. Stay positive. I have a tendency of always finding criticism, and always making the worst of situations. I've been trained to do this, and I'm quite good at it. I'd like to try to see most situations in a positive light.

2. No alcohol. There. I've said it. You might be able to get me to go to a bar if you really, really try, but I'm just not drinking. Last time, I didn't have a choice, but this time, I do. I'd like to get other people on the no alcohol bandwagon, too, because too much idiocy is tied to alcohol.

3. Stay fed and hydrated at all times. It's impossible to be positive when you're bonking. I'd like to always have enough water and calories running through my system.

4. Push the power curve. I'm strong, I want to be stronger. I want to fly up mountain passes. I want to haul along at high speed into the wind. I want to be an awesome rider again.

5. Lose fat, gain muscle. This tends to happen easily. I'm very much looking forward to just looking really lean.

6. Try to get to know everyone. There are thirty people on this trip who I don't know well. I may not talk to many of them after the trip, and I may not even like all of them, but I think everyone deserves a chance, and I need to stay open and friendly. As a part of this, I'd like to not ride alone, which I tended to do in 2006.

7. EFI. Every f***ing inch. I want to ride as much as I possibly can, short of having to drive every fourth day. I did this in 2006, and I can do this again.

8. Learn something every day, and write it down. I think this is what life is all about.

9. Be a competent, well respected, trustworthy leader. I think I did a good job in 2006, but since then, I think I've improved in leaps and bounds. I'm trying to listen more, and to be more patient with people. I'm trying to set better first impressions, and be more approachable. This is a long term project.

10. Laugh. This is an extension of staying positive.