Day Four: Build Day in Lawrence, MA

Team B2SB spent today at a build site in Lawrence, MA. Due to an unfortunate turn of luck, three nearly completed Habitat homes were lost to a fire early this year, so the Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity has its work cut out, building homes for these folks. We spent eight hours today on site. I assisted with bringing boards to the second floor of a home under construction. In one day, we raised most of a roof, raised two walls, installed a chain link fence, and installed scaffolding. It's really neat to see what 31 people can do in just a few hours.

Later this evening, we had another fantastic dinner at the Webber residence. We all went around saying what we thought of the trip.

I'm in the van for tomorrow's 42 mile ride to Fitchburg. I'm going to try riding the Fitchburg race course tomorrow with Dave, just to get some riding in. After Intercity, I've done little riding, and I'm definitely losing fitness.