Day Three: Andover, here we come!

Today, we officially began our transcontinental journey. We dipped our tires in the Atlantic Ocean at Revere beach, then - slowly and carefully - navigated the Boston suburbs to Andover.

We had dinner with the Webbers here in Andover, in memory of Chris Webber. The Webbers are wonderful hosts, and it was my pleasure to introduce Jane to them this evening. I learned this morning that they do, in fact, read this blog, so I'll keep that in mind when I post here.

For the first time in about a year, I was able to relax today. People were taking care of themselves, and safely having fun. I told them how I intend to "sire" children, not "father" them, and how my offspring will need to either outsmart or outsprint me. I told them about Chris Webber, and about P2S'06. I guessed that amazing things would happen if I handed Kyle Rudzinski a soccer ball, and I was correct. Association football!