Day Two: Shakedown Ride

Things are going well. I hope people feel comfortable coming to me with their questions. I'll delegate or dodge questions to keep my workload manageable, but we should all help each other.

Today's drills went shakily. Almost all of the riders need to improve their riding skills, and need to relax on their bikes. I had my doubts going into the shakedown ride, but nobody died! My group of riders was having do much fun, we went around Deer Island twice. We signalled for things like "hole" and "car", as well as "plane" since we rode under the Logan Airport approach path.

We gave a presentation this evening to four churchgoers, who really loved what we were doing. After dinner, a bunch of us took a field trip to Boston on the Blue Line, and got cannolis at Bova's. Dave Miller convinved them to give us bread, cold cuts, and cookies - hooray!