Day Seventeen: Country Road, Take Me Home to Steubenville

At the beginning of the day off, we did a full dump of the van and trailer, just for good measure. Well, this morning, everything had to go right back in the van and trailer, so it took us longer to get on the road.

Armed with strong legs and a GPS, I tackled today's heavily urban route out of Pittsburgh. We took the West End bridge to Carson Street, then hopped on the Steubenville Pike for most of the way in to town. There were a number of tricky turns, so I'm glad I had my GPS. I called back to the van and chalked to notify the other riders of the trickiest turns.

The GPS did not manage to take me across the Fort Steuben Bridge, which managed to work well for the riders. Instead, I followed the Interstate-like Route 2 to the Market St Bridge, which was much less pleasant.

I arrived at 1110, about two hours ahead of the next group. Our hosts treated me to an excellent lunch.

We spent the afternoon doing a "complement train" team building activity, where we all gave each other positive remarks. Between this, and a presentation, everyone is in high spirits.

It is unbelievably humid here.