Day Eighteen: Happy Birthday, Jane!

Today was Jane's birthday! In lieu of the usual wake-up song, we decided to sing Jane "Happy Brithday". At 0600, we sound less like a chorus of angels, and more like a chorus of frogs. The riders got together and bought Jane a birthday card, filled with very kind comments.

My birthday promise to Jane was to ride the whole day with her. We spent the day riding together to Newcomerstown, OH, and ended up being the first group of riders to arrive.

Our host, Joy Snyder, seemed to be very excited to have us, and very used to dealing with large groups. There were signs all over the host location telling us where to sleep, to eat, to store our bicycles, and so on.

We had the good fortune to be in a parade! As part of the Cy Young Days festival, we got to march in the parade. I was not there myself, but I hear it went very well.