Day Thirteen: State College Express

The day started with an 0500 wakeup, our earliest yet. The cafeteria/auditorium in the Berwick Area Middle School has no outside windows, so it looks the same at all hours of the day. We couldn't tell that it was still dark outside.

Breakfast this morning was provided by Claudia and Eric, as well as Front Street Bagels in Berwick. We're getting spoiled, with these on the house restaurant breakfasts! I had way too much food in the morning, which enabled me to be properly fueled for once.

I decided to push hard today with Lenny. We were holding about 22-23 MPH on the flats. He did a great job keeping up.

Today was our first "century" ride. We had a 95-mile ride from Berwick to State College, but some people chose to ride the additional five miles to get to 100. I was sufficiently pleased with my riding today, that I didn't see this as necessary. I ended up logging just over 99 miles, with a trip into town after arrival.

Lenny and I skipped major lunch stops, instead opting for smaller, lighter meals. I mainly consumed Clif bars, Clif shot blocks, and Gatorade on the road.

We got into town at around 1430. We spent time with Clay, our host and former head of Penn State Cycling, and to head into town and get the best sticky buns I've ever had. I also got to talk shop with Justin at Freeze Thaw Cycles. Much fun. I even got to call Mike Short, for the first time in too long!

Riders were treated to showers at the YMCA and an excellent vegetarian dinner upon arrival.