Day Twelve: Berwick with Jane

Today, we woke in Mount Pocono for the trek to Berwick. We've been looking forward to the Berwick overnight, since Jane's aunt and uncle, Claudia and Eric, have done so much to host us. After an 0530 wakeup, we went to Bailey's steak house just down Route 611, where Rebecca Sarajian was so gracious as to host our entire group for breakfast, on the house!

The ride to Berwick was, for the most part, beautiful. We hit some rain on the way out. Much to our dismay, we discovered that Woodland Drive did not, in fact, cross the Interstate as Topo lead us to believe.

I rode with a few people into lunch, and then headed into town with Jane. We drafted each other on the flats, and I waited for her on the hills. I was very glad, as I am every day, to have my GPS, which helps prevent me from getting lost.

On the way into town, we met a photographer. We made it into the newspaper! (See below.)

Jane and I spent the afternoon at Eric and Claudia's house. It's a beautiful log house, and it's much more impressive in the summer than at Thanksgiving. I wish I could have spent more time there, just to relax.

We had dinner at the Reliance Fire Hall. Woltech, Inc., Eric's company, provided 6' subs for dinner, while Claudia provided regular and raw milk. A couple of reporters from a Scranton news station came by, and interviewed a number of us. Eric managed to record the show, and I hope the see the video in the future. After dinner, the firefighters let us explore the fire trucks while waiting for the van. What impressive pieces of engineering!

I gave a clinic on derailleur adjustment to about 10 riders. It was well received, but lacking in hands-on work.