Day Fifty-One: Winslow Super Express

Personal Record: 100.0 miles in 4h32m.

After yesterday’s slow ride, I decided that it was time to push it. With cool temperatures, no wind, and 1,000 feet of elevation loss over 99 miles, I decided to ride hard. I set a new personal record for 100 miles, which was a great achievement for me. The ride itself, though beautiful, was standard issue Interstate riding: stay all the way to the right, avoid debris, and either take every exit, or cross every exit once you’re sure that no cars are coming.

Our ride today was supposed to take us to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, but both required paying money and a large amount of additional riding. I decided that taking the Express was the best option, and I’m glad I did.

I arrived at the host site at 9:55am, Arizona time. The next rider, Jane, arrived at about 1pm, giving me enough time to eat delicious Mexican food from downtown.

I took the laundry shuttle to laundry. We watched Full Metal Jacket at the laundromat. I missed logistics presentations on Flagstaff and Las Vegas, and an art presentation by Erin.