Day Fifty-Two: Van to Flagstaff

Yesterday was great, but once again, I wish I didn’t have to drive the van today.

Flagstaff is a beautiful mountain town. In many ways, it reminds me of Jackson Hole, WY. It’s at 7000 feet, surrounded by evergreens and mountains, and very affluent. It also has lots of young people, and lots of traffic. Unlike Jackson, it even has an Amtrak train to Los Angeles and Chicago: Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, with daily service.

We had real showers (!) and dinner at the Flagstaff Athletic Club. The group was very glad for this, as it gave them a change to clean up for the first day off in over a week.

This was a particularly opportune night to be in Flagstaff. It was a special Friday night. The town showed Evan Almighty on a big screen in the town square, and the young people were out all night.

After dinner, Jane and I visited the Goodwill store. She bought a tight black dress (!), which reveals her perfect hourglass figure but little more. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and everyone who saw her agreed. We had a fun night walking around town, me in my polo shirt and khaki hiking pants, her in a black dress and sandals.

We’re staying at the Flagstaff Federated Community Church. We’re sharing the church with another youth group, consisting of high schoolers. They sleep on air mattresses, less of a sacrifice than our thin Thermarest sleeping pads.