Day Fifty-Three: Day Off in Flagstaff

After a very difficult week of riding, where riders rode 586.18 miles in 7 days of riding, today’s day off was more than welcome. I think this week set a new Bike & Build record, with 4 days of over 90 miles of riding in a week. Jane, who completed all of this riding in good health, was exhausted. Many riders had to take time in the van, due to various illnesses.

Jane and I woke at our usual early hour, and went to the Downtown Diner. I treated myself to the Hungry Man’s Breakfast, slightly amended. I ate a half order of biscuits and gravy, an order of hash browns, two eggs, two of three big pancakes (one went to Jane), and a smoked trout. It was delicious and adequate.

After breakfast, we walked around for a while. I got a much needed haircut. The barber, after hearing the Bike & Build story, told me that the haircut was on the house! I was very happy to hear this news.

Once at the church, I spent the next three hours working on my bicycle. I cleaned the entire bike, scrubbed the rims, disassembled and deep cleaned the rear derailleur, replaced the chain, and re-tightened the rear axle. I drained more water out of the frame, from the freak rainstorm. After the work, I felt like I was riding a new bicycle.

We spent the afternoon visiting the Roden Crater. It’s a famous art work in progress, featured in The New York Times. The artist, James Turrell, is Sophie’s father, so our trip got a sneak peek of the exhibit. It’s really neat: part of the exhibit is a huge natural telescope, other rooms make the sky seem like it is at ceiling level, and the inside of the crater affords breathtaking views of the sky. It’s truly in the middle of nowhere, requiring a long drive on a dirt road.

After taking showers at the Athletic Club, Jane and I ate at the Himalayan Grill, a local Indian restaurant. This was the best food we’ve had in a while.