Day Forty-Four: Another Van Day into Roswell

I drove the van today.

Today's 96-mile day into Roswell was punctuated by, well, nothing. There was one town early on, around mile 35, but after that, the next thing we saw was Kenna, a "town" consisting of a single eatery, post office, and store. The proprietor of the store, an elderly woman, let us use the bathroom, let us play with her cat and dogs, and gave us three gallons of bottled water.

The next stop was Acme, a "town" that consisted of an abandoned building, and a mailbox.

Today's ride was made exceptionally difficult for the riders by the 95 degree heat and strong headwinds.

We had a mail drop day today. I received another wonderful package from my mother. She's getting much better at this, and I greatly appreciate all that she sends me.

Lenny's crew managed to secure our group donations from Chili's, KFC, and two local pizza houses. Well done!

We're sleeping in four squash courts at ENMU's Roswell campus.