Day Forty-Five: Day Off in Roswell

In planning the route, we decided to add the detour to Roswell. Compared to just staying on US 60 all the way, going to Roswell only added a few extra miles while adding a very interesting stop. So, we're in Roswell today, a decently sized desert city that capitalizes on the 1940s UFO incident to bring tourists to an otherwise quiet place.

I woke up early, did some errands on the Internet, and managed to watch the sun rise with Jane. After that, we went into town on the Pecos Transit public bus; 75 cents and a wait got us into town. We had breakfast at IHOP, explored a Goodwill store, purchased a copy of Full Metal Jacket, and walked around town for a while. We even got to visit the UFO museum. I was glad to have some time away from the group.