Day Forty-Six: Rain All The Way To Carrizozo

I rode sweep today. I certainly enjoyed hearing Jorge's life story, as I was very curious about him. I did not enjoy riding at 10 MPH for much of the day, or the fact that it was 60 degrees and raining all day and I was stuck without my rain gear. We eventually arrived, quite cold, after 100 miles in almost 11 hours on the bicycle in the rain.

A recent hurricane has sent a freak summer rain storm into the area, one that will stick with us for the next few days. The locals say that the rain is welcome, and that everything is greener than it has been for quite some time. We just wish the rain could have held off four a few more days. We've had more than enough rain this summer, and it just seems to continue to follow us.

We punished a rider for no good reason toda