Day Forty-Seven: Downhill? Tailwind? Really? Socorro, NM.

We woke at 0410 this morning, two hours before sunrise. I spent the morning fixing two flats, changing my brake pads, lubing my chain, and not getting a good breakfast. I would spent much of today's ride changing two more flats.

The rain from yesterday persisted through the night, so it was raining when we left. The rain removed my fresh chain lube within about ten miles, leaving me with a loud, squeaky chain all day. It was so foggy for the first part of the day that I had to remove my glasses just to see, and I couldn't see much at all.

Eventually the rain lifted, revealing a breathtaking landscape. This is why we rode to New Mexico. It's beautiful. I enjoyed a long downhill with a tailwind, and being alone for the day. I also visited the local bicycle shop, and enjoyed good local food en route.

Our host this evening is the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, or New Mexico Tech for short. There is a large "M" painted on a neighboring mountain, a demonstration of school pride. We're just staying in the gym. We did manage to tell a few students about Bike & Build, and maybe we'll have some Tech students on rides next year!

I spent the evening taking the laundry crew to dinner, eating delicious grilled chicken, and listening to an Affordable Housing presentation.