Day Forty-One: House for fifteen. Specialized Transition. Building in Amarillo.

After breakfast at the Habitat office, we ran van shuttles to a build site just north of Center City in Amarillo. We were working on putting the finishing touches on a house. We did a lot of painting, some caulking, and some landscaping. The house, a six-bedroom home, is still not nearly big enough for the family of fifteen (!) that will inhabit the home. That’s right; one single Somali mother and her fourteen children will inhabit this home once we complete it. I wish them the best.

A number of people had bicycle fit issues today, including Jane, who needed a shorter stem. We visited two bicycle shops in the afternoon. The first had an ordinary bike in the front, which we did not get to ride, and a tandem, which we did. Jane hates tandems. I also managed to find batteries for the PowerTap at a dollar store (!). At the second shop, I got to test ride a 2008 Specialized Transition (!). I came really, really close to just buying it, but decided that I only really want the frame. What a beautiful bike.