Day Forty-Two: Hereford Express-Direct

Today’s ride featured a scenic detour to the Palo Duro Canyon, a very large canyon. On account of a few nights of bad sleep, and just needing some alone time, Jane and I booked it to Hereford. Book we did – we managed to average about 15.5 MPH into fairly strong headwinds, with me pushing along and Jane holding on quite well.

I put the FP60s back on the bike before the ride. I just don't trust them to not be destroyed in the van or trailer, so I decided the safest spot for them is on my bike.

Hereford is the beef capital of the world, and as a result, is home to many feed lots. We rode by some feed lots (a.k.a. slaughterhouses) on the way into Wheeler, but this was way worse. The stench of death was overpowering. Jane was depressed and almost vomited. I wasn’t doing much better. The wind was blowing the worst of the stench right at us, and it was beyond horrible. If it weren’t for the excellence of our hosts at the First United Methodist Church there in town, I would vote to never go this way again on future trips.

Our hosts made up for the bad ride. We had an entire building to ourselves, with lots of classrooms and an incredible youth room at our disposal. Our hosts cooked us a fantastic meal, and ran shuttles to the showers and Wal-Mart as needed.

Jane and I managed to catch the 1250 showing of Batman: The Dark Knight. It was a good movie, and I’m glad we saw it. Apparently, two riders from our trip make a cameo in the movie, though I didn’t see it. As we left, we caught most of the trip, there for the 1545 showing.

It’s really nice to run out of phase with the rest of the tri. We were at the movie when everyone was at the church, and vice versa. Jane and I really appreciated the quiet time, plenty of time to rest, talk to the hosts, and de-stress.

This is our last night in the Central Daylight Time. We’ll enter Mountain Daylight Time tomorrow, and start going to sleep at 2000 and waking at 0400 to be consistent with our solar schedule. Sigh.