Day Thirty-One: Springfield Build Day

We woke up at a refreshingly late 0630 to work with Springfield's Habitat chapter. They are building a house by the golf course and Missouri Sports Hall of Fame to coincide with a major golf tournament, before putting the house on a trailer and bringing it across town to Highland Park. Bike & Build got some media attention here from the local NPR station, as well as a local television news program.

We met Kelly, the woman who would buy this house and move in with her five year old daughter. I stereotype Habitat families as somewhat older; Kelly didn't seem much older than any of us. I wish her well in her new home.

Nancy of Springfield Habitat arranged for us to have a second van to use for the day. I spent some of the day driving people to Sunshine Cycles for some much needed repairs. The owner of the shop took over the operations after her son, the previous owner, passed away at the age of 47. She generously offered us a 20% discount, and gave us free nutrition bars and magazines. Colleen, one of the employees at the shop, is thinking of doing the trip next year. I hope she does.

Dinner was generously provided by Chipotle, which we all greatly enjoyed. Other people didn't seen to enjoy the smoked fish that my mother sent, as much as I did.